Commit c5dc477f authored by Ryan Taylor's avatar Ryan Taylor

include rough example script for node admin via CLI

parent c90cfe65
# This is a rough example script showing how to send admin commands to nodes via CLI.
if [[ -n "$2" ]] ; then
# Valid commands include: finish, ...
passphrase="insert passphrase here"
# awk strip out everything except what's in between square brackets, print it in square brackets.
# RS is to process all lines as one.
# jq complains if booleans are capitalized so replace with sed.
echo -e "auth $passphrase \n $command" | nc $node 36330 | awk -F"[][]" -v RS="" '{print "[" $4 "]"}' | sed 's/False/false/g; s/True/true/g'
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